All bacteria are harmful.

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, not all bacteria are harmful Infact some our good, like the ones in our gut that help us digest food. We should first understand what is bacteria and the common types of bacteria and how they grow in the body.

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No, actually the body needs certain bacteria. That is why live bacteria is put in yogurt. Bacteria aids in certain body processes such as digestion and keeping fungus from overtaking areas of the skin.

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Q: All bacteria are harmful.
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What kinds of bacteria are harmful?

not all the bacteria harmful. bacteria that are harmful is i dont know sorry. have a nice DAY!!

Are microbes harmful?

All Microbes are not harmful. All virus are harmful. Some bacteria are harmful

What organisms are bacteria harmful to?

There are harmful to all organisms, but some bacteria are helpful in many ways.

What are all the harmful bacteria?

There are hundreds if not thousands.

A friend states that all bacteria are harmful to people?

False. Yes, some are harmful but not all. Take for example cheese. It's made with bacteria. Yeast, found in bread, is bacteria.

Bacteria greatly out number harmful bacteria?

Yes. Most bacteria is not harmful to us such as bacteria in a yogurt, but some bacteria is harmful.

How much percent of bacteria are harmful?

Only 1% of bacteria is harmful to humans

Is there bacteria in unspoiled cheese?

Yes. All cheese is a mass of bacteria, it is how it is formed. They are not harmful ones though.

Are all bacteria harmful to humans?

Yes. By definition pathogens are disease causing agents.

What are some harmful and helpful bacteria?

Harmful bacteria will harm you. Helpful bacteria will help you.

What effects does antibiotics have on helpful bacteria?

Antibiotics are generally non-discriminatory. They kill all bacteria-harmful and helpful.

Where is harmful bacteria live?

the harmful bacteria live in air,human body etc.