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Q: After how many drinks is one's ability to learn and recall new information compromised?
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The cognitive ability that has been shown to decline during adulthood is the ability to?

Recall new information

Can ecstasy cause memory impair?

There is evidence that ecstasy use, especially chronic use, can impair user's ability to recall and memorize information.

How do you give direction for enumeration test question?

An enumeration test is a test on memory recall. It would be best to give some practice exercises that would help students improve on their ability to recall information prier to the test.

Can you use the word recall in a sentence?

I don't recall that information. If you recall, we talked about this yesterday.

What does word recall mean?

The ability to remember a word.

How do you use the noun recall in a sentence?

The noun recall has a number of different meanings:to call for a return: There was a recall of workers as soon as the agreement was signed.a procedure to remove an official from office: When the fraud was uncovered, there was a recall of the board of directors.the act of revoking: There was a parole recall when the parolee was caught with a gun in his possession.a remembrance of something past: My recall is that we met in a class, her recall is that we met in the locker room.a notification by a manufacturer to return a product found to be defective: A recall was issued for a shipment of contaminated broccoli.the ability to remember information: He has excellent recall for anything he has read.

What is a grammar recall?

recalling information

Why Metamucil recall?

As of May 2014, there does not seem to be a Metamucil recall. You can get recall information from your local retailers customer service desk.

What are 2 ways for word intelligence?

Two other ways to say intelligence are knowledgeable and smart. These words all refer to a person's ability to retain and recall information quickly.

Re 20072008 Lexus ES350 Safety Recall?

Get all your recall information at

What gave the people the ability to call back elected officials from office?

Recall elections

Is there a recall on a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Dashboard and if so where do you find information on it?

No recall, and they do break all the time.