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never had A-Fib until on Advair

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Q: Advair make your Atrial Fibrillation worse?
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Is atrial fibrillation psychosomatic?

Absolutely not. Afib can come and go--thus make you think you are going crazy!!!!

Pharmaceutical And Surgical Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation is the term used for an irregular heartbeat. The condition can be permanent, chronic, or temporary. The cause of most cases of atrial fibrillation is the generation of random electrical signals in the sinus node of the heart that causes irregular beating of the atria as it travels across the atrioventricular node. The actual condition does not, in and of itself, pose a large health risk. Over time, and in patients that have other medical conditions, atrial fibrillation can lead to a host of problems including stroke and heart attack. The basic treatment for atrial fibrillation involves a regiment of medications, usually accompanied by suggested dietary and lifestyle changes. The medications that are given can either attempt to better regulate the heart rate, slow down the heart rate, or speed it up. Often, there are situations where more than one type of medication is prescribed so that they work in tandem to stabilize an irregular heartbeat. For chronic, life threatening, or more severe cases, the treatment for atrial fibrillation can involve surgery or an equally complex procedure. Electro cardioversion is a procedure that applies electrical impulse to the chest over the atria in an attempt to reset the beating pattern of the heart. The procedure, however, is not always successful and sometimes provides only temporary relief. Ablation therapy is a treatment for atrial fibrillation that involves inserting wires or catheters into the heart valves. In this procedure, portions of the atrioventricular node are identified as being the source of any stray electrical pulses to the heart. These areas are then cauterized, after which scar tissue will form in time, blocking any stray signals from passing into other nodes of the heart, eliminating the irregular heartbeat. If all other options fail, however, it is possible that a pacemaker might need to be permanently implanted to regulate the heart. With almost all forms of treatment for atrial fibrillation, one of the common factors is placing the patient on anticoagulant medications that thin the blood and prevent clots from forming that could cause strokes. Additionally, most patients who have to undergo treatment for atrial fibrillation usually have to make lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and restricting intake of medications that might contain stimulants.

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Gas and Nausea from the Advil. Dipenhydramine will make you sleepy.

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ADVAIR DISKUS is indicated for the treatment of asthma in patients aged 4 years and older. ADVAIR DISKUS should be administered as 1 inhalation twice daily by the orally inhaled route only. After inhalation, the patient should rinse his/her mouth with water without swallowing to help reduce the risk of oropharyngeal candidiasis. More frequent administration or a greater number of inhalations (more than 1 inhalation twice daily) of the prescribed strength of ADVAIR DISKUS is not recommended as some patients are more likely to experience adverse effects with higher doses of salmeterol. Patients using ADVAIR DISKUS should not use additional LABA for any reason . Consult with Doctor First , you can make sure that it will be safe for your body to do that.

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What is pill oval m 1 used for?

Please make sure your description is accurate and complete. There is an oval white tablet with 'M' and '1' separated by a score mark on one side and only a score mark on the other. If this sounds like your tablet, it could be Metoprolol succinate extended-release 25 mg, which is used to treat atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. Please verify this information with your doctor or pharmacist.

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