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Please make sure your description is accurate and complete. There is an oval white tablet with 'M' and '1' separated by a score mark on one side and only a score mark on the other. If this sounds like your tablet, it could be Metoprolol succinate extended-release 25 mg, which is used to treat atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. Please verify this information with your doctor or pharmacist.

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Q: What is pill oval m 1 used for?
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What blue oval shaped pills have sl 20 on one side and m on the other?

A blue oval shaped pill with a SL 20 and M on the pill are sildenafil 20 mg.

What mg are red Xanax?

-A oval peach pill imprinted with "2088 V" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A oval peach pill imprinted with "BP 261" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A oval peach pill imprinted with "604" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A oval peach pill imprinted with "ALP 0.5 APO" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round peach pill imprinted with "R 87" is 2mg XR Xanax.-A oval peach pill "G 3720" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round peach pill imprinted with "MYLAN A3" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round peach pill imprinted with "R 029" is 0.5mg Xanax.-A round pink pill imprinted with "M A24" is 3mg XR Xanax.-A pentagonal peach pill imprinted with "G 0.5" is 0.5 XR Xanax.-XR = Extended Release.

What are chocolate lentils?

oval spherical chocolate candies like M&M's

What do 50mg spironolactone pills look like?

50 m cozaar is white with a score down the middle of the oval shaped pill. It have the number 952 on it.

How many milligrams is onw Xanax?

there are 4 or 5 differrent pack of xanax. 0.25mg (White), 0.50 (Pink), 1mg (Purple), 2mg (White), 2mg Tri-score (White)...I'm not sure why they have 2 different kinds of 2 mg. But I'm pretty sure the 2mg tri-score is stronger than the normal 2mg.

What is a round blue pill with m on it?

The M stands for morphine.

How do you calculate oval and square for tmt bars rolling?

TMT bar oval weight Stand oval size in mm like 12mm size bar oval size-12*.8=9.6kg/m

What pill is yellow and says m on the front?

In order to identify a pill you need the numbers and/or letters that are printed on the pill.

Can you take an inactive and an active pill the same day on bc?

Yes, but there's no point in taking the inactive pill, as it has no medication. The effect is no different from taking an active pill and an M&M.

M 8 triangle pill?

Dilaudid 8mg - White triangle scored pill with an M on one side and a 8 on the other side

What type of pill is round and white with a letter M on one side and the numbers 757 on the other?

The pill you are describing is 100mg or .10g Atenolol. A beta blocker used in cardiovascular disease.

What is round white pill with M on one side and A21 on the other?

According to's Pill Identifier, a round white pill imprinted with 'M' and 'A21' is Alprazolam Extended-Release, 0.5mg.