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Q: A temporary suspension of the menstrual cycle normally occurs during?
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A temporary suspension of the menstrual cycle normally occur during what?

During pregnancy. Suspension can also occur through extreme stress - I know of a personal example.

During the nine months do women still see their menstrual cycle?

Normally, women do not have periods or bleeding during pregnancy.

Which days during the menstrual cycle does menstruation menses occur?

Menstruation occurs at the start of the menstrual cycle and normally lasts around a week, so menstruation would occur days 1-7 of the menstrual cycle.

What is meaning of Apean?

Apnea is a temporary suspension of breathing. It occurs in some newborns (infant apnea) and in some adults during sleep (sleep apnea).

What should you do on your period?

There is nothing that you 'should' do during your period, other than make sure to use appropriate menstrual products to deal with your menstrual flow. There is nothing you can't do on your period, so do as you would do normally.

What foods should you eat during your period?

There are no foods that you 'should' eat during your period. You can eat anything that you would normally any other time of your menstrual cycle.

Why menstrual blood is not clotted?

Menstrual blood doesn't clot like other blood because if it did it would be detrimental to the whole process of the uterine lining shedding. The 'clots' people talk about in menstrual flow are normally larger chunks of the uterine lining, normal during heavier flow days.

Will period slow weight loss?

During periods, normally women cravings for various foods increase due to some hormonal changes and thus increasing the calorie intake. During your menstrual cycle weight fluctuates at different points. You may have to stop doing some of the exercises also which can affect your weight losing program. But theses changes in weight are not very long lasting and are temporary.

Can women have yoga during menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle - I think you mean during menstruation.Yes, a woman can practice yoga during menstruation, in fact some poses can be very beneficial to menstrual health and ease menstrual cramps.

Do you need to sleep while you are on your period?

You need to sleep throughout your entire menstrual cycle for your body to be able to function normally. There's on reason for you not to sleep during menstruation.

What happens during the proliferative phase of the female menstrual cycle?

During the proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle, which occurs after menstruation, the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) signals the maturation of ovarian follicles. As the follicles grow, they produce estrogen, which stimulates the thickening of the endometrial lining of the uterus in preparation for potential implantation of a fertilized egg. This phase typically lasts around 7-10 days.

Can your partner feel if you have a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are a bell-shaped reusable cup, normally made from silicone - these are not meant to be used during sexual activity, although if fingering orreceiving oral sex your partner will be able to feel the cup. If you mean softcups rather than menstrual cups, some partners can feel if you're wearing a softcup during sex, some can't - depends on your anatomy and his.