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This sounds like a case of anorexia. The girl should be taken to the psychiatrist and to the doctor to figure out a solution to this problem.

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Q: A 14-year-old girl who complained of fatigue and loss of stamina. Her appetite was marginal as she was very conscious of maintaining her body weight at 96 pounds. Her monthly menstrual flow was always?
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Why do women have the same menstrual cycles in a household?

Blame it on pheromones. Even if you're not conscious of it, they're working.

Does menstrual cycle smell?

Menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, if a woman is fertile she is always on her menstrual cycle. I think you're asking if menstruation smells, there is a smell but it shouldn't smell bad - maintaining good hygiene prevents odour, also avoiding unhealthy menstrual products such as tampons and commercial sanitary pads will prevent bad odour too.

How do you maintain hygiene during menses?

Maintaining hygiene during menstruation is not much different to maintaining hygiene at any other time during your menstrual cycle, contrary to common belief menstruation is not dirty or unhygienic. Wash daily with water only, and use appropriate menstrual products like pads, tampons or cups. Be sure to change your menstrual products at appropriate times, even if not full tampons and pads should be changed every 4-6 hours and cups every 12 hours.

What are the health benefits of krill oil?

Research so far shows that it has a potential benefit in maintaining healthy cholesterol and also to play a role in premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps.

Why is menstrual hygiene important?

Hygiene in general is important to stay clean and healthy. During menstruation menstrual flow can change vaginal pH and menstrual flow can also be favourable to bacterial growth so maintaining hygiene and managing flow is all the more important. During menstruation poor hygiene can increase risk of bad odour and vaginal infections, also not changing tampons often enough risks TSS.

What is the use of menstrual hygiene?

Well good hygiene for that is to wash the vagina everyday to keep it clean. Be sure to change your pad every time you go to the restroom. If you use a tampon remember to change it out every 4-6 hours. Always keep the pubic area clean and wash your hands after changing your pad/tampon. Hope that helped

You were on your menstrual and you started taking metronidazole and my menstrual stopped?

menstrual hygiene

How can oligomenorrhea be prevented?

Oligomenorrhea is preventable only in women whose low body fat to weight ratio is keeping them from maintaining a regular menstrual cycle. Adequate nutrition and a less vigorous training schedules will normally prevent.

What is the abbreviation for the last menstrual period?


How do you know when a woman is on her menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, as long as she is fertile she is always on her menstrual cycle. You can't tell where she is in her menstrual cycle unless she tells you.

What does the menstrual cycle start with?

The menstrual cycle starts with menstruation. The firswt day of your menstrual cycle is considered to be the first day of true bleeding during your menstrual phase.

What is the period in the menstrual cycle in which the unfertilized egg and the lining of the uterus leave the body in the menstrual flow?

You've sort of answered this question twice in the question itself! "The PERIOD in the MENSTRUAL cycle which the MENSTRUAL" The menstrual phase aka menstruation or period.