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Q: 7 common things between men and women?
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Who are smater men or women?

I say women! =) Women are smarter common sense wise and abstract wise, but usually men are better at math and destroying women

Is Cirrhosis more common in men?

It is twice as common in men as in women

Is hemophilia more common in men or women?

It is more common in men.

Where do most malignant melanoma develop in women and men?

In men, it is most common on the trunk. In women, it is most common on the back or legs.

Does women have more in common with women than they do with men?


Is it more common for men or women to be abusive?

Men, unfortunately.

What are the differences in communication between men and women in different cultures?

what are the differences in communication between men and women

Does HIV affect more men or women?

It is more common for women to obtain the HIV from men than men from women during intercourse.

Difference between medieval women and men?

The difference between men and women were that the men did a lot more work than the women at certain points of the year. The women did more home jobs.

Is paranoid personality disorder common in men?

PPD is more common in men than in women

What are the differences between the way men and women communicate and how is it a reflection of hierarchy?

the different between men and women is that women are more sensitive and men will just let anything out if its necessary

What are the two most cancers in men and women?

The most common cancer in women is Breast, and in men Prostate.