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Sometimes it could mean he is cheating, the relationship im in now, we had a down fall in our relationship where we had alot of fights. I started getting signs of cheating, such as him not callin, acting really funny, wouldn't touch meh, etc. Then i had came out and ask him one night when he was drinking are you cheating on meh and he said somthing outta tha blue and tried to change his story up. Then soon to find out every time he would get angry when i would ask him. HE WAS CHEATING. They somtimes get mad and angry because their feeling guilty!! BE CAREFUL

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Q: 'If your boyfriend gets defensive and angry when you approach him about cheating does that mean he is cheating on you or is he just upset at the fact that you think he is cheating'?
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'If your boyfriend gets defensive and angry when you approach him about cheating does that mean he is or is he just upset at the fact that you think he is?

But you still need to watch out, you know them nasty girls out there!

How do you act after cheating on you boyfriend?

I act like so angry..

If you tell your boyfriend you found him cheating and he keeps silent what does it mean?

In most cases if a boyfriend was not cheating and was accused by his girlfriend then he would be angry and since your boyfriend is silent there is a high possibility he is cheating and cannot own up to it.

Your boyfriend get very angry when he hears someone cheated on there partner does this mean hes cheating on you?

Most of the time, but not always.

How would you feel if you boyfriend cheating on you?

I would feel very sad. I would also feel very angry at him because I would have trusted him a lot.

Is it wrong to have your uncle call the girl you think that your man is cheating on you with pretending that he is his friend then your bf getting mad at you telling you its over?

Well, that was immature of you to do in the first place. You should have went to your boyfriend and talked to him about it, though it is hard to confront someone about something like that..its the right thing to do. You'd know if he was cheating if he'd get angry at you or act defensive. -I raise an eyebrow- Yes it was wrong to have your Uncle do that...and why he'd agree to do that I have no idea... but yes it was wrong.

What can you do if your partner thinks you are cheating?

If you aren't cheating on them and want to prove that then I'd suggest discussing it with them. Try not to get defensive or angry anytime you're talking about it because a person can take that as you being defensive because you're hiding something. Ask what they want you to do to prove you're not cheating and be willing to do those things, within reason, to show you're trustworthy. Ask what makes them think you're cheating too. If there are specific things that make them think that and you can explain each thing it may help to squash their suspicions.

What does it mean when a your boyfriend gets mad at you for being insecure enough to accuse him for liking other girls?

It means he is angry that he's done nothing wrong and you are so insecure that you can't accept that he wants to be with you, OR it means he is cheating on you. It depends on the evidence. If you have evidence he is cheating on you, he probably is. If you have absolutely no evidence, you're probably crazy. This might make him angry.

What do you do if the raccoon is angry?

Do not approach any raccoon even if is not angry. If it is angry you have probably done something to cause the anger,

Why men get angry when there women cheat on them but when they cheat on there ladythey want forgiveness?

Men want forgiveness when they cheat on women because women are angry at them for their cheating. This is the same as women who cheat and also want forgiveness from the men who are angry with them for cheating on the men.

What do you do if you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Try to get all of you in the same room. Then, tell the 'other girlfriend' that he was dating you. Then the other girl will get angry and then she will ask who is his girlfriend. The boy will get confused and say both. Then that's when you and the other girl dump him.

How do you get your boyfriend to forgive you?

I called my boyfriend name he was very upset and angry with me. I did apologise to him and I said that I did not mean it. He still angry with me. What can I do to make him forgive me?