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It's erika the grass type user. the badge is the rainbow badge

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Q: What is after the 4th badge yellow Pokemon?
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Where is the 4th gym in Pokemon Yellow?

It's in Celadon City and you obtain the Rainbow Badge.

How do you get the rainbow badge in Pokemon Yellow?

you go to the 4th gym leader. her name is erika. her strongest Pokemon is a level 29 viloplume.

How do you get pass the grunt that's blocking the door in Pokemon diamond on mt cornett?

get the 4th gym badge and then give him a pokemon... get the 4th gym badge and then give him a pokemon...

Where is the fourth Pokemon badge in FireRed?

The 4th pokemon badge is given by Erika the Celadon City Gym Leader.

What badge helps you fly in Pokemon Yellow?

The sixth badgeno actually it the third badge

Who has the rainbow badge in Pokemon Yellow?

Erica in Celadon City.

What badge do you need for surf in Pokemon silver?


Which badge is the heat badge in Pokemon Sapphire?

the 4th badge. it also is the horse jumping through something with a ball in the middle

What do you do after you obtain the 3rs badge in Pokemon Yellow?

Go to celadon city.

Where can you get squirtlle in Pokemon Yellow?

after you get the thunder badge talk to officer jenny

Where do you get the 4th gym badge in Pokemon sapphire?

in lavarage town

Where do you get Squirtle in Pokemon Yellow?

Get the Thunder Badge And Talk To Jenny And She Will Give You One