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episode 226

No it is always Chi Chi.

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Q: What episode does Goku have a baby that is not ChiChi's?
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What episod does Goku defeat baby?

Goku Defeats Baby In Episode 39

What episode does baby trunks come out in?

Baby Trunks comes out in the episode where Goku and the others start finding the Androids more specifically Episode 72

What episode dose Goku have a baby?

It is not in an episode, in the first episode of Dragonball Z it shows Guko with his son as a child.

What episode did Goku kill buu?

well there is first battle in which Goku lost and baby almost killed Goku. Fortunately Kobito Kai saved Goku that was on DBGT episode 29. Then Goku appeared for a rematch and with his grown tale he was able to transform into Super saiyan 4 and destroyed Baby. That was on DBGT episodes 33-39.

What dbzk episode does Goku have a third baby?

Goku never has a third baby. In Dragon Ball Z Kai he only has one son, Gohan. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku has two sons, Gohan and Goten. After that, he never has any more kids.

What episode does Goku reach ss4?

Goku turns SS4 in Episode #35 gt.

What episode does chi chi and goku fight?

The episode in which Chi Chi and Goku fight is episode 137. It's also the episode in which Chi Chi becomes Goku's fiancee.

What episode when goku turns ito a kid?

Goku turn into kid Goku in episode 1 or Dragonball GT because Emperor Pilof accidentally wished for Goku to be a kid again.

When does Baby die in Dragon Ball GT?

Baby was killed in episode 39. After Baby leaves Vegeta's body and runs away, Goku blasts him with a Kamehameha and sends him into the sun.

What episode does Goku fight cell?

its episode 162

What episode does Goku vs Pikkon?

episode 184

What episode does Goku turn ss4?

Goku turned Super Saiyan 4 in the episode Back in the Game from the Dragon Ball GT series. The date the episode originally aired was January 22, 1997, although the American release date was May 29, 2004.