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I think Pichi Pichi Pichi Mermaid Melody helped me alot.

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2008-02-11 22:49:23
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Q: What are some good anime for students studying Japanese?
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Does Anime Studio really create good Anime characters?

yes the anime studio does do a very good job drawing these Japanese drawings

What are some good anime for boys?

Names that mean something in Japanese.

What is a good topic sentence for a major problems for many students?

A major problem for many students is studying.

What are some anime techniques?

Pencil drawings and computer stuff.Stuff that the Japanese are good at.

What are some good names for anime boys?

Names that mean something in Japanese.

Can a non-japanese person create their own anime?

Sure, why not? I LOVE anime and draw it all the time... and I'm not jappanese. As far as I'm concerned, anyone can draw anime and be good at it.

Why Japanese Anime should not be banned?

It keeps all of us anime freaks going! Plus a lot of people make a good living off of world wide, famous anime.

Are there good info books on anime?

Try the book "The Anime Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese Animation Since 1917, Revised and Expanded Edition" : ISBN-10 : 1933330104 . It has comprehensive information on anime .

Where Can you Download Sailor Moon Episodes in Japanese? is a good site for watching anime, it also has a download link and you can watch the episodes in Japanese or English

What is four Japanese cartoons?

Anime? A few good ones in my opinion is, DeathNote Naruto Bleach Code Geass

Is there or will there ever be a Vocaloid anime?

so far there is no vocaloid anime nor do they have plans to make would be like a Japanese glee except vocaloid would actually be good!

What are the good effects of studying?

Studying efficiently and being focused with no distractions are good study habits which minimize studying time by a lot, and increase comprehension. You learn a LOT more that way. Students with poor study habits don't know how to learn effectively.

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