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yes she wears hijab but i dont think she wears a niqab.

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Q: Is maher zain wife wearing hijab or niqob or veil?
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What religion does require wearing a veil during prayer?

Islam religion requires women to wear hijab (not over face veil) that covers head, hair, and neck but is covering face and hands. Wearing hijab by women is a religion requirement not only during praying but also when the woman is a public or work place where she is within men who are not maharem (Maharem is an Arabic word that means men who are not licit for a woman to marry with as father, brother, uncle, grandfather, father-in-law, son,...)

When celebrate world hijab day and why?

The roots of "World Hijab Day" were planted on this day in 2002, marking the day that France banned the wearing of the headscarf in schools. Ten years later, the presence of the veil in public life remains a lighting rod issue, from Europe to the Middle East to Asia.

When a male Muslim cross-dresses must he then wear a veil You know a Hijab?

If a male Muslim cross dresses, Hijab is the least of his problems. There is no cross dressing in Islam.

Why do the Muslim women wear that thing?

If you mean Hijab- veil- they are commanded by Almighty Allah to do so.

Why should women pay the price of male lust by wearing the hijab and burka?

Woman are not paying any price of male lust or what so ever by wearing the hijab and burka. Allah gave men a portion of His strength and He gave women a portion of His beauty. Woman by hiding her body protects herself. The gown is her shield, her armour.Additional viewIn addition to the above, that I fully agree upon, one should know that wearing Hijab is part of God command to wear cloth that covers the whole body, including hair, head, and neck, except the face and the hands. That cloth should not be so tight to describe the woman body or sexy parts, andshould not be so transparent to make the under cloth visible.In addition to the fact that wearing hijab is an Islamic requirement and is a command by God and Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him), the following are some reasons and benefits that a Muslim woman gain by wearing hijab and Islamic clothing:Men would not judge the woman by her appearance but would tend to evaluate her by her personality, character, and morals.Wearing a hijab helps in preventing indecent acts or thoughts.When wearing a hijab, one feels more modest, having more self respect and confidence.People actually evaluate the one wearing the Hijab based on who she is and not on how beautiful she wearing hijab, one doesn't worry about her my hair if not beautiful or needs more cosmetics.Hijab provides Muslims with an identity. They don't have to tell people they are Muslims. It shows.By wearing hijab, the woman is concealing her sexuality but allowing her femininity to shine.On top of the above, wearing hijab is something that is pleasing to Allah and in return one earns blessings from wearing it.It remains to mention that wearing burka or veil that covers fully face and hands is not a religion requirement. It is a matter of local traditions and practices that are neither forbidden nor required per Islam religion.

Veil in Islam?

In Islam the females MUST wear the veil (hijab) to cover their hair and neck and chest and must wear modest clothing because that's a must in the religon

What should you buy your aunt for Eid if she's a doctor who doesn't wear hijab the veil?

a hijab is a good eid gift since she does not already have 1, maybe this will encourage her to begin wearin one

Names of head coverings?

cap, hat, scarf, hair, bonnet, veil, hijab, helmet, visor, bowler

What are the benefits of a hijab or a veil?

Thebenefits of having hijab or veil is that you won't be raped by a rapist, because there is more chance of being raped if you don't have a hijab not just that, but also to let others treat women as just humans without other considerations regarding beauty issues, ..etc. moreover, it is a beautiful sensation that a woman conserves, and only shows her potential beauty to the one she loves, her husband.

Is it a must for women in Islam to wear niqab?

Wearing veil, or burka, burqa, niqab, or forehead cover, that covers woman head including her face is not an Islamic requirement. Wearing this veil comes out from some local cultures and traditions. Religion neither requires wearing the veil (that covers the face) nor forbids its wearing. Wearing this veil is not rejected by religion and considered something left to the free choice of the woman. What is mandatory and compulsory in Islam is to wear cloth that covers the whole body, including head, hair and neck, except face and hands. That cloth:should not be so tight to describe the woman body or sexy parts, andshould not be so transparent to make the under cloth visible.The part of the cloth covering the head (and hair) but not the face is called Hijab.

Which religion has veiled women?

Islam is the religion in which some women choose to wear veils. The correct term for the veil would be the hijab.

What is the name of the headwear worn by Muslim woman?

It is a compulsory religious requirements for all Muslim girls who reached Puberty (or before if found more appropriate) to wear headscarf that is usually called hijab. It should cover hair, head, and neck but not covering face.