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Holly wanted to have children and Hugh can't so they broke up.

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Q: Did Holly break up with Hugh Hefner?
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Did Bridget and Hugh Hefner break up too?


Why did Hugh Hefner and Bridget break up?

I broke up with her because she wanted to focus on traveling and not me.

How long has Hugh Hefner been seeing Holly Madison?

they had seen each other for about 7-8 years before they broke up :( no Hugh is marrying Crystal Harris :(

Is holly Madison a lesbian?

no she is not a lesbian. she dated Hugh hefner in 2002 to 2008. then she dated chris angel and benji maddin. she has never hooked up with a girl.

Who is Holly Madison?

Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner's current girlfriends. You can see her on the reality show, "The Girls Next Door" currently airing on E! but they broke up and now she is dating criss angel

Why did hugh Hefner and holly madison split up?

Reports confirm that Madison wanted to get married and have children with Hef and he did not want to do that again.

Why did Kendra break up with Hugh Hefner?

Kendra moves out of the mansion to experience living on her own and date Hank Baskett. Hefner discusses her unhappiness at the mansion in not being able to get married or have a family which is the basis for her and him breaking-up and moving out.

How many girlfriends has Hugh Hefner had all up?

Hugh hefner has 3 girlfriends at the moment but only one of them is the main 1 he has sex with the other 2 now and them but the main 1 very regular

When do Holly and Henry break up in What I Like About You?

In the episode "Regarding Henry"

Do Vince and Holly break up for good?

they end up together when the show ends.

Did Criss Angel break up with Holly Madison?

yah because holly was just a ho to every bodyi hate her

In the show what i like about you do Vince and Holly end up together?

Yes, in the last season Holly J. and Vince date each other and then break up due to Holly knowing Vince's boss is trying to steal him from her and Vince won't believe Holly. In the last episode, Vince was going to move to Chicago and work there but stays and commits to Holly instead.

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