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Kendra moves out of the mansion to experience living on her own and date Hank Baskett. Hefner discusses her unhappiness at the mansion in not being able to get married or have a family which is the basis for her and him breaking-up and moving out.

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I broke up with her because she wanted to focus on traveling and not me.

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Q: Why did Kendra break up with Hugh Hefner?
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Did Holly break up with Hugh Hefner?

Holly wanted to have children and Hugh can't so they broke up.

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Why did hugh Hefner and holly madison split up?

Reports confirm that Madison wanted to get married and have children with Hef and he did not want to do that again.

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What is the resolution in the book stolen children by Peg Kehret?

Amy and kendra escape in the new car tthat smokey stole and drove toa corner until they saw an airplane and the airplane noticed them and officer rockprrt arrested smokey and Hugh and returned Amy and kendra home safely.

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