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yes you can. Athough you need to buy the code from the Sam and Dan website

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Q: Can you get a shiny squrtle on Pokemon tower defence?
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What is the code for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon tower defence?


What is the code for shiny geodude in Pokemon tower defence?


What is the code for shiny Squirtle in Pokemon tower defence?


What is the Pokemon tower defence mystery gift code?

5234- Shiny Pidgey 5231- Shiny Geodude 673034- Shiny Jigglypuff

When do squrtle evolve in Pokemon defense tower?

at level 16

Where is a shiny Rattata on Pokemon tower defence?

Just keep going to the lab and find one.

How do you get the geodude on Pokemon Tower Defence?

You could just go to challenges and win to get a shiny geodude!

In pokemon tower defence how do you get a shiny pokemon?

you have to beat the first challenge on challenge mode or you have a 1.8 percent of getting it in the wild

Where to find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon tower defence?

Dratini can be found at the game corner or at the safari zone.

How do you catch all the shiny Pokemon fast without cheat engine in Pokemon tower defence?

You can open a couple tabs and go in the unknown dungeon and wait. But you can trade with me. My username is Theunderdog2020 Ill give you a shiny starmie and a shiny tentacool or a shiny kakuna.

Does anybody have an extra shiny jiggleypuff in Pokemon tower defence?

no but i have purple pikachu on the castle of egg fried rice, the extra shine is impossible.

How do you update your Pokemon on Pokemon tower defence?

you cant