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You can trade Pokemon in several places in Pokemon Light Premium. For details visit

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Q: Where can you trade Pokemon on Pokemon light platinum?
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Can you trade Pokemon sapphire to Pokemon Platinum?

No you cannot trade from Sapphire to Platinum. The closest thing that you can do to that is migrate from Sapphire to Platinum.

Is it possible to trade from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon?

It is possible to trade Pokemon platinum to diamond and pearl, but you cannot trade to any other game.

How do you trade Pokemon from platinum to HeartGold?

yes. you can trade Pokemon from diamond, pearl, or platinum to heartgold or soulsilver.

How do you get chandelure in POkemon light platinum?

you will get it by using zebstrika to trade a lampent with a girl in flamerny city,after you trade it will evolve to chandelure

Can Pokemon black trade with Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot trade, but you can use the relocator with two ds's and transfer Pokemon from platinum to white

How do you trade into platinum from black by beating the elite four?

you can transfer Pokemon from Pokemon platinum to black and white but you can't trade from black to platinum

How do you get razor claw in Pokemon Platinum?

you can not get it from Pokemon platinum you can trade in to diamond or pearl

Can you trade Pokémon from Pokémon Black on to Pokémon Platinum?

no you cannot't trade Pokemon from Pokemon black to Pokemon platinum or any past games.

Can you trade your red Gyaradoss from Pokemon heart gold to Pokemon platinum and trade your Kyogre from heart gold to platinum?

Of course

Can you trade HeartGold to platinum?

you can trade Pokemon from heartgold and soulsilver to your diamond,pearl, or platinum.

In Pokemon Platinum where do you find stunky?

IT isn't in Platinum you have to trade for it from Global trade or Diamond

What is Pokemon platinum spin trade?

you trade eggs.