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you can trade Pokemon from heartgold and soulsilver to your diamond,pearl, or platinum.

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Q: Can you trade HeartGold to platinum?
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How do you trade Pokemon from platinum to HeartGold?

yes. you can trade Pokemon from diamond, pearl, or platinum to heartgold or soulsilver.

When can you trade between HeartGold and platinum?

You can trade between HeartGold and Platinum as soon as you have gotten the regional PokéDex in both games so HeartGold can trade with Platinum as soon as Professor Oak gives you the PokéDex in Mr. Pokémon's place and Platinum can trade with HeartGold as soon as Professor Rowan gives you the PokéDex.

How do you get arcaus in HeartGold?

You have to get on the wifi event in platinum and trade it

Where is the old chateau in HeartGold?

trade rotom from platinum

Can you trade pokemon from platinum to heartgold?

yes you can just trade like you normally do

How do you catch entie in Pokemon Platinum?

you can't catch him in platinum but in soulsilver or heartgold you can catch him then trade it to platinum.

How do you get girantina in Pokemon HeartGold?

Trade it from platinum, diamond or pearl.

How do you get Glaceon in Pokemon HeartGold?

You have to trade it from pearl, diamond, or platinum.

How do you get Magnazone in pokemon heartgold?

you have to trade it from Diamond/Perl/Platinum.

How can you find Lucario in HeartGold?

You trade it from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

Can you get piplup on Pokemon HeartGold?

No, you have to trade with diamond, platinum or pearl.

Is vulpix in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, the only way to get it in HeartGold is to trade from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, or SoulSilver.