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What you do is you turn it on and when it pops up the "not licensed or endorsed by Nintendo" right after that comes up you hold down START + SELECT + L + R it should go white hold for a couple of seconds then let go. That should have reseted your Action Replay.

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Q: Your action replay says there is no free space in it and there is no games or codes and when you try to mad a game ID it turns red and blue please help?
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Where do you type action replay codes without the actual action replay?

You cannot: You need the Action Replay DS to input the codes for your games.

What do you use the Action Replay?

An action replay is for cheat codes used for ds games

Why are all the action replay codes long?

All of the action replay codes are long because there are so many different codes and games. As a result the creators of the action replay has to make the codes very long so your action replay can identify the code.

Where to get action replay on ds?

go to a store where they sell games and ask them if they have action replay codes for the ds

Where can you find the codes for the games you don't have for action replay for ps2? home of the action reply. They have all the codes out for games.

Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum action replay codes that work. Please specify witch codes are for witch game?

all the games as far as i know

How do you enter action replay codes on ds?

you have to buy an action replay at toys r us or Eb games

Action Replay codes for Pokemon games?

go to

Why can't i find action replay codes for dbz legacy of goku 2?

The reason you cannot find action replay codes for DBZ Legacy of Goku 2 as they are not available. Action replay codes are only available for select games.

Do codes for the action replay ds work on the ation replay dsi?

Yes. Action Replay codes are interchangeable between the DS and the DSi, because they both use the same games.

How do you figure out action replay codes?

when you buy a action replay it should come with a code manager that puts codes on your action replay when you connect it to the computer (you get to manually pick which games from which region) so they work on the game you have.

How does one use an action replay on a Nintendo DS?

Action Replay on a Nintendo DS can be used to cheat on certain older games with default codes. For newer games one would have to look up the codes and manually input them into the Action Replay device.