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You cannot use action replay on gba games

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Q: What are some action replay codes for making Pokemon shiny in Pokemon leafgreen?
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Can you use an Action Replay with Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you have an Action Replay for GBA, yes.

How do you get the meteorite on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Action Replay.

How can you encounter ruby and sapphire Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen with an action replay?

action replay not for gameboy fool!

What is action replay and how do you get it in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Action replay is only for DS (GameShark is for GBA)

Where can you get an action replay Pokemon LeafGreen?

I got mine from

Can you get a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen without action replay?

no you dop

How To Catch Mewtwo And Mew In Pokemon LeafGreen?

Use Action Replay

What is the action replay code for wild Mewtwo in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you get Charmander on Pokemon Platinum?

Migrate From Pokemon FireRed,Or Pokemon LeafGreen,Or Use The Action Replay Pokemon Modifier.

What codes on action replay gba is it on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find codes at neoseeker

What is the Action Replay game ID for Pokemon LeafGreen?

nobody cares!!11

How do you activate action replay Pokemon cheats for leafgreen?

you need the action replay devise and it should be self explanitory once you do. note: action replay and gameshark codes are different.