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yes it will burt you need to beat Cynthia first but hold on there is one other way i know. get the NatDex go to crescent moon island in canalive then use the walk through Walls cheat to the east and keep going to full moon island.

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Q: You used the ar to get a members card on Pokemon platnium but will it work?
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How do you get into the harbor inn on Pokemon and i already have the mystery gift?

the event is over but you used to be able to get the members card which allows you to catch darkrai you can still get the members card with action replay

Does the action replay members card only work for events?

No. It can be used to obtain pokeballs, pokemon, or walk through walls.

What is the working cheat for Pokemon platnium for shiny Pokemon?

There's an option on AR (Action Replay) where it says Shiny Pokemon or something, I haven't used it in ages!!!Hope this helps

What is platnium used for?


What city do you go to get a members card?

the only way to get a members card is via event or actionreplay and if you have a members card used on the closed inn in canalave city just beside the girl with her psyduck

How do you use a action replay code on Pokemon platnium?

Sadly, wait for them to crack the code on Platninum they used extra safety to prevent online cheats/hacks.

How do you get member card in Pokemon diamond?

I used an action replay to get darkrai(have to get th emember card)

What are tokens used for in Pokemon TCG Online?

in pokemon card packs there are cards with a code you get those from them sometimes<:

Can Pokemon Diamond and Pearl wonder card events be used in Pokemon platinum?

No I don't think so.

What is a Pokemon's ID?

A Pokemon's ID is the ID of the trainer and player that originally owned and caught it. This is used by the game and players to identify which Pokemon belongs to which player.

Can anyone find a Pokemon game that is completed for sale?

If you were to buy a completed Pokemon game, you would also need the memory card that was used in the game unit at the time of play. Save data is not stored on the disc, but on the memory card inserted in the game unit.

Pokemon platinum you can't get in the old house when i have the members card?

Even if you have already done the Cresselia thing, you need to go back to Sailor Eldritch's house. The boy will be having a nightmare. Talk to everyone then you can go into the house where you catch Darkrai.