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I would say it it a good team.

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Q: You have Empoleon rapidash roserade honchkrow Weavile and Lucario is this a good team?
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What Pokemon does the champion use in diamond?

Spiritomb Milotic Lucario Roserade Garchomp Gastrodon

This is my team in Pokemon pearl Torterra Empoleon Infernape Strarapter Lucario and Gengar is this a good team?

yes except gengar he can faint if a foe has a empoleon

What Pokemon does Cynthia have in Pokemon Diamond?

aaahh a good question she most definetely has a spiritomb which has weaknesses in dark type,and i can beat him with move grass knot for 4 or 3 times. i beat him with my starter. her signature Pokemon is garchomp which u need a good ice Pokemon to beat i recommend jynx she also has a milotic i recommend luxray if u hav it she also has gastrodon pretty weak stay with luxray or torterra she also has a lucario now staraptor or pshycic Pokemon to finish it off theres a roserade if u hav it finish her off with in infernape or rapidash or u can stay with staraptor this is the order she used on me she may change it 4 u :spiritomb,milotic,gastrodon,garchomp,lucario,roserade. and this is in order of strongest to weakest :garchomp,lucario,spiritomb,milotic,gastrodon,roserade. plz give me any more pokequestions u have

What is the best team to have on Pokemon Pearl?

my team is empoleon,heracross,garchomp,magmorter,electivire,and lucario and they are very beast

What are Cynthias Pokemon?

Diamond/Pearl~-spiritomb (female lvl 61)-roserade (f 60)-lucario (m 63)-gastrodon (f 60)-garchomp (f 66)-milotic (f 63)Platinum~-spiritomb (f 58)-lucario (m 60)-garchomp (f 62)-togekiss (m 60)-milotic (f 58)-roserade (f 58)

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Is Roserade Medicham Lucario Empoleon Honchkrow Luxray a good team?


What is a good Pokemon team in platinum after you beat the elite 4?


Help new to comptetitive battling team Umbreon Toxic swagger flash baton pass Flygon screech earthquake substitute Draco meteor Arcanine heat wave endure reversal extreme speed Lucario?

MY team is gengar,empoleon,luxray,staraptor,roserade and rapidash

How can you beat the Elite Four with this Team?

My team consists of: Honchkrow Lv.52 Dialga Lv.49 Torterra Lv.45 Rapidash Lv.43 Floatzel Lv.45 Machamp Lv.44 or Lucario

What pokemon does champion Cynthia have?

diamond and pearl spirttomb garchomp roserade gastrodon milotic and lucario platinum spirttomb garchomp roserade lucario milotic and togekiss

Is this a good team Lucario altaria houndoom Empoleon roserade and alakazam?

Not really... Roserade is kind of terrible. Empoleon is great, has only two weaknesses, one of which it is super effective against. Houndoom is really your only alternative to Rapidash in terms of a fire Pokemon... Use Jolteon rather than Luxray. Espeon feels unnecessary, as Psychic Pokemon aren't really useful in this game due to the great abundance of dark Pokemon used by Team Galactic. Acually, you take out roserade and Hounchcrow, u got urself a pretty good team

Will this be a good Pokemon team for Pokemon platinum Empoleon-Rapidash-Lucario-Syther-Togekiss-Froslassl no legendarys?

this is an amazing team, just keep their levels up at 62 and higher i would switch togekiss with giritina that's about it!

What level does Lucario and roserade evovle at?

Riolu (Lucario) evolves when its Friendship status is maxed during the day when you level it up. Roselia (Roserade) evolves when you use a Shiny Stone on it.

Should you switch Giratina with Luxray Empoleon Scizor Rhyperior Dusknoir or Lucario?

Luxray or Scizor Other Person-Scizor or Lucario

What are the Pokemon the Cynthia has in platinum?

Cynthia has: Spiritomb Lucario Garchomp Togekiss Milotic roserade

What Pokemon does the champion use in diamond?

Spiritomb Milotic Lucario Roserade Garchomp Gastrodon

What are cinthiea's Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Spiritomb Togekiss Lucario Garchomp Roserade Milotic