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wonder gifts are just that .wonder every gift can become wonder, everything depends on you. especially personalized gifts are so wonder.

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Q: You got Mystery Gift but How do you get Wonder Gift you have wonder card and wonder news but where's Wonder gift?
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How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

Why are there only Wonder Cards and Wonder News but no Wonder Gifts in Pokemon FireRed?

The two Mystery Gift options can only be used by hooking up to a machine at a Pokemon event. There is no such thing as a Wonder Gift - there is only Wonder News and Wonder Cards.

How come when you click mystery gift there is only Wonder news and wonder cards in Pokemon Emerald?

Because there is!

How do you get the wonder card in Pokemon Platinum?

You get wonder cards by mystery gift. You can only get a Wonder Card for Pokémon Platinum if Nintendo is holding an event and giving out a specific Mystery Gift event. Pokemon events. Get the mystery gift and get it over wifi sometime in June-July second round or get it from a friend

How do you get wonder cards if you have the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?


What happens when you get a Nintendo event?

you get a wonder card or a mystery gift

If you have Mystery Gift for LeafGreen but can not get the Wonder Gift what is the problem?

simple.u have to link up with Nintendo to get the wonder gift optionAnsweru can get onto mystery gift by going into a mart and answer on the questionare LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and go back to the start and select mystery gift i don't know what 2 do then???

Why is the Wonder Gift not a Mystery Gift option on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mystery Gift is an option used to receive Pokémon at official Nintendo events. Wonder Gift only exists by action replay, however both can't be used simontaneously.

How does the Pokemon diamond mystery gift work?

you use wonder cards

How do you get a wonder card if you already have mystery gift?

wonder card is when the Pokemon staff somehow give you a way to get a mystery gift. Right now if you go to toys R us you can get an arceus. He will be a wonder card, meaning he is a mystery gift. You go to mystery gift and choose receive via wireless communications when you are in toys r us, and you should (if you're standing in the right place) get a wonder card with arceus. Before arceus, there were wonder cards with regigigas, the secret key for rotom, oak's letter, and others. These events have expired, and there is one event at a time

How do you delete a wonder card on Pokemon diamond?

look at the wonder cards in the mystery gift menu. select the card and go on "delete"

How do you get wonder gift in Pokemon Diamond?

Wonder Gift or Mystery Gift?? To get Mystery Gift go to Jubifle City, 3rd floor, where a reporter is at the bottom of the screen. Then go to him and say these words "Every-one" "Happy" and the second two words as "Wifi-Connection"