Words with the letters ee as in deer?

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Words that have double E in them are:

  1. agree
  2. bee
  3. been
  4. beer
  5. beet
  6. bleed
  7. breed
  8. cheek
  9. cheer
  10. cheese
  11. creed
  12. creek
  13. creep
  14. decree
  15. deed
  16. deem
  17. degree
  18. dungaree
  19. eerie
  20. emcee
  21. employee
  22. engineer
  23. feed
  24. feel
  25. fleece
  26. fleet
  27. free
  28. freedom
  29. freeze
  30. gee
  31. glee
  32. greed
  33. green
  34. greet
  35. Halloween
  36. heed
  37. heel
  38. keel
  39. keep
  40. knee
  41. lee
  42. leer
  43. lessee
  44. levee
  45. marquee
  46. meek
  47. meet
  48. pee
  49. peek
  50. peel
  51. preen
  52. queen
  53. queer
  54. redeem
  55. reed
  56. reef
  57. reek
  58. reel
  59. screech
  60. screen
  61. see
  62. seed
  63. seek
  64. seen
  65. seep
  66. sheen
  67. sheep
  68. sheet
  69. sleep
  70. sneeze
  71. soiree
  72. speech
  73. speed
  74. spleen
  75. spree
  76. squeek
  77. squeeze
  78. steed
  79. steeple
  80. steer
  81. tee
  82. teem
  83. teen
  84. Tennessee
  85. tepee
  86. thee
  87. three
  88. tree
  89. tweed
  90. tweet
  91. tweezers
  92. veer
  93. veneer
  94. wee
  95. weed
  96. week
  97. weep
  98. wheel
  99. wheeze
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Q: Words with the letters ee as in deer?
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Words that have eer in them?

Words that have the letters -eer in them are deer, beer, and cheer. Other words that have the letters -eer in them are auctioneer and career.

What type of deer is spelt with two words three letters each?

Dik dik

What are some words that have ee in them?

Some words that have 'ee' in them are:agreebeebeenbeercheekcheercreekdeeddegreeeelemceeemployeefeedfeelfeetfiligreefleefleecefleetfreegeegleeGreekgreengreetheeljeerkeelkneeleeklesseemeekmeetmeleeneedneedlepeekpeerpreenscreenseemseensleekSleepspreesteerthreetreeweekweep

An animal that has double e?


How many letters are in I Have A Dream speech?

9027 words. Just paste the speech into word and do a word count to ee number of chracters. 9027 words. Just paste the speech into word and do a word count to ee number of chracters.

What four letter words have their last two letters the same?

EE wordsfleegleeLL wordsballbellbillcallcelldilldolldullfallfellfillfullgillgullhallhillhullmallmillmulltelltalltillwallwellwillyellNN wordsbannSS wordsbassbossfusslasslesslossmassmessmissmossmussTT wordsbattbuttmittmuttwatt

What do these letters unscramble into dreea?

The letters 'dreea' unscramble to spell the word eared.The next longest possible words have four letters and include dare, dear, deer and read.

Does deer have a long e sound?

Not technically. You can hear the long E in words like deer and dear, but because of the R, it has a different vowel sound (the "ear" or ee-ur sound). This is called a caret I sound.

In the game scattegories there is a subject that says words with double letters what does that mean?

"Double letters" means two in a row, like tt in "letter" or oo, kk, and ee in "bookkeeper".

What is a 5 letter words for a type of deer?

The word "moose'' has 5 letters in it, and therefore might be a good answer to your question. Also the "Chital" deer might be a good one. "moose" are part of the deer family

How do you pronounce sidereal?

Sigh-deer-ee-al (stress on the second syllable).

What is a pet in afrikaans?

troeteldier: pronounced (tru-till-deer (ee as in dee))

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