Words ending in el or le?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  • able
  • angel
  • available
  • angle
  • ankle
  • bevel
  • barrel
  • bottle
  • battle
  • bristle
  • buckle
  • bushel
  • crackle
  • chuckle
  • channel
  • chisel
  • double
  • dazzle
  • dispel
  • decibel
  • duffel
  • easel
  • enable
  • fable
  • funnel
  • flannel
  • gamble
  • giggle
  • hotel
  • humble
  • isle
  • jumble
  • kettle
  • knuckle
  • little
  • level
  • motel
  • model
  • marble
  • novel
  • nimble
  • nuzzle
  • nickel
  • puddle
  • panel
  • plural
  • pretzel
  • pupil
  • puzzle
  • pebble
  • quibble
  • riddle
  • repel
  • rebel
  • settle
  • stable
  • subtle
  • satchel
  • shovel
  • tunnel
  • tackle
  • tumble
  • trouble
  • uncle
  • variable
  • wiggle
  • whistle
  • weasel
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Q: Words ending in el or le?
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What words begin with c and end with Le?

A word begining with C and ending in LE is Candle.

Another word for old ending with el or le?

Venerable means "deserving respect because of great age."

Is alfabeto el or la?

El. Usually, generally, most of the time, words ending in "O" are referred to in the masculine.

What are five letter words ending in el?

hotel, motel, hovel, ravel...

What does Leiu mean in Samoan?

Le iu (2 words) means "never ending".

How do you say the Spanish map in Spanish?

El mapa. One of those words ending in "a" that is masculine. "Map" in Spanish is "mapa". It is pronounced "MAH-pah".


He/She/Them (El/Ella/Usted)

What happens when you add Ly to words ending with Le?

Adding -Ly to words ending with -Le will make/change the word an adverb.Able: adjectiveAbly: adverbCapable: adjectiveCapably: adverbComfortable: adjectiveComfortably: adverbHorrible: adjectiveHorribly: adverbIdle: adjectiveIdly: adverbIncredible: adjectiveIncredibly: adverbNoble: adjectiveNobly: adverbPossible: adjectivePossibly: adverbSubtle: adjectiveSubtly: adverbWhole: adjectiveWholly: adverb

How do you say he doesn't like to eat' in spanish?

I suppouse you want "he doesn't like to eat" A el no le gusta comer.

What words in French have a silent s?

Some words in French with a silent "s" are "l'รฎle" (island), "le fils" (son), and "le pois" (pea). The "s" is not pronounced in these words.

What does el amor le gusta mean?

"El amor le gusta" does not make sense in Spanish. However, "el amor me gusta" means "I like love" in English.

Is mapa a feminine or masculine in spanish?

You can usually tell it is a feminine because of the at the end of the word!Unfortunately, this is one of those exceptions to this rule. It it actually masculine. Words ending in "a" that are derived from Greek are masculine. Usually these are words that end in "ema" or "ama", but "el mapa" also falls under this category.Among others are el planeta, el sistema, el dia....