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This question is your opinion. Your own choice! Witch do you like better? Message me! I will tell you my opinion through. I like Club Penguin way betta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to those who think Webkinz is better. I don't care if you like Webkinz better through! Your choice! Here are some reasons:

Club Penguin is great! =D

- Fun games!

- Get coins fast!

- Getta say whatever I want!

- Find rare items in catalog!

- More clothes!

- Don't need to be member to play!


- Go into someone's iggy without being invited!

- PUFFLES!!!!!!!

- Getta walk puffles!

- Getta play hide & seek and tag with friends! In Webkinz, you can't!

Club Penguin is bad! ;P

- Can only have 1 million coins! ( Not so bad through!)

- Disney ruined CP! ( Not for me! Some people agree!)

Webkinz is great! =D

- Kinzville Academy

- Make more rooms

Webkinz is bad! ;P

- On Halloween and Christmas, you have to wait for a ghost/Ms. Birdy to come for you to get candy/prize! So boring! I barely get any! Sometimes, I don't even have 1! On Club Penguin, you just look for it!

- No parties!

- Too many bugs on site!

- Have to type username and password! On Club Penguin, you can remember it on your computer!

- Can't say anything I want! I can't find what to say!

- Get coins slow!

- Rare items in Curio Shop. Sometimes none!

- Have ta bea memba to play!

- Items too expensive!

- Have to be on same color zone to meet your friends! Don't know what color my friends go on!

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Q: Witch is better club penguin or webkinz?
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Which website is better Club Penguin or webkinz?

club penguin

Which is better cool Club Penguin or weird Webkinz Freak World?

How dare you! webkinz is not wierd or freaky, it is just like club penguin though webkinz has more things to do then club penguin, club penguin you have to pay to be a member but on webkinz you don't, so I will choose Webkinz

Is club penguin more popular or webkinz?

club penguin is way more popular than webkinzI believe that Webkinz is better because unlike club penguin it is safer and edgicational but nobody seems to realize. It's better also because it's easier to remember Webkinz, W-E-B-K-I-N-Z ! as for club penguin half the kids in my class could even SPELL PENGUIN! Gosh Webkinz has more games than you can count! and every friggin' WEEK theres a new one! They have better ideas and club penguin TOTALLY copied Webkinz with the stuffed animal thing! And THAT is just wrong and believe it or not Webkinz has tons of fans that club penguin wishes they had!I vote WEbkinz dude!

Is club penguin more populur than webkinz?

yes i play club penguin in webkinz but i get borad on it easyly webkinz no not the best club penguin is very good

Which is better Webkinz or clubpenguin?

Club Penguin is much better then webkinz because it is a world where you can chat with other penguins

What is better Club Penguin or webkinz?

Both are nice. Although, personally I prefer club penguin, because you can keep your penguin forever!- CryBaby2I like the games on Webkinz better but overall, I agree that Club penguin is better.- JmgsportsmathI like Club Penguin better because you can say whatever you want and sometimes Webkinz is sort of boring. Sorry to those who likes Webkinz better. I'm not trying to be mean. It's just my opinion. If you like Webkinz better, that is fine. ;)- ClubPenguinLuvr :) Stupid webkinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are facts about Club Penguin and or Webkinz?

i do not know much about club penguin, But webkinz is really awesome! If you go to they have the coolest stuff about webkinz and it is free.

Which is more popular club penguin or webkinz?

Answer:Overall it's probably Club Penguin. Lots of people say it's better because you get to say whatever you want and in Webkinz, they say it's to kidious not to be mean.Personally, I think Webkinz is better. It's a good game for little kids. I've never been on Club Penguin, but I've watched my friends play it, and I can honestly tell you that Webkinz is more entertaining ;)

Why is the word Club Penguin unacceptable on Webkinz studio?

It's because Club Penguin is a different company and online game from Webkinz.

How do you get to play soccer in webkinz world?

Webkinz rocks club penguin really really SUCKS say no club penguin with me they are stupid website

How many people think club penguin is dumb?

Many people do because they think webkinz is better.

Is Webkinz and Club Penguin the same company?