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As far as I know, not in the next 2-3 years.

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Q: Will they put the twilight forest portal in minecraft xbox?
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When will minecraft Xbox get the twilight forest?

Minecraft Xbox is not expected to get the twilight forest. It is just an FTB Mod and is expected to stay that way.

Can you make an Aether portal on minecraft on xbox 360?

No, sadly you can not make an Aether portal on the Xbox Edition of Minecraft because the Aether is part of a mod. As of now, the Xbox Edition of Minecraft does not support mods.

How do you make a portal in minecraft pocket edition?

Its impossible but in pc or xbox

Can you make a portal to heaven in minecraft xbox 360 edition?

to make a portal to heaven you need glowstone and put the water in it

When is there going to be an update for minecraft to get a nether portal?

You can already make portals in Minecraft for Xbox and PC. In the new app they should already have them too.

How do make an ender portal on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition?

4J Studios hasn't put in The End yet but there's still portal frames (creative mode only)

What portals can you make on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft?

The only portal you can make right now is a Nether portal. Same with the PC version. (without mods)

Can you make an end portal in minecraft xbox edition?

No, the Xbox edition of minecraft is not the same as the computer version, also the Computer and Xbox versions have different development teams. While the xbox version would be around Beta 1.7 in computer mc terms the computer version is in official release 1.4. The end portal for computer did not come out until the 1.9 beta times.

Is portal for Xbox?

Yes and Portal 2.

Can you build a portal to Aether in Minecraft on the xbox 360?

No, the Aether mod is a PC/Mac only mod that can only be installed by editing the source files of the game. This cannot be done on a console like the Xbox-360.

Is there a gun mod on Minecraft Xbox?

there are no mods for minecraft on xbox

Do you need kinect to play minecraft on xbox?

No, the Xbox version of Minecraft is for Xbox360