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You can already make portals in minecraft for Xbox and PC. In the new app they should already have them too.

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Q: When is there going to be an update for minecraft to get a nether portal?
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How much obsidian does it take to make the nether portal in minecraft?

You will need 14obsidian if you are going to place obsidian on the corners of the portal, but if you fill in the corner of the portal with other blocks, then you will only need 10.

How do you make an ender portal on minecraft pe?

For The Big One 4 On The Bottom 3 more going up on each side, and 3 in between those side ones, and the smaller one is 2 on the bottom, 3 more going up each side, don't include that one that comes after the two, and then two on the top

How do you connect portals in minecraft on the surface without going to the nether?

You have to go to the nether. When people talk about connecting two places on the overworld with portals, they mean you enter the nether through one portal, and exit through the other, but the distance you travelled through the nether is much shorter than if you tried to walk from one of the overworld portals to the other.

Why would you go to the Nether in minecraft?

Going to the Nether you can get unique items only found in the nether and monsters. Items only found in Nether are: Netherrack, Soul Sand and Glowstone. The Mobs only in the Nether as of Minecraft V1.8 Beta are: Ghast and Zombie Pigman.

How do you make a never portal in minecraft?

Make a 5x4 Portal going upwards of obsidian.

When is the update for minecraft going to be?

Should be soon.

How do you get Minecraft going to the old launcher?

Let minecraft do its auto update or check the minecraft news!

What Minecraft update removed rubies?

This was actually going to be planned for Minecraft in the coding, but this was never added to the official release of Minecraft, so we got to say the first update of Minecraft.

What can you do with nether warts minecraft?

Netherwarts is a key component in potion brewing. I suggest going to the minecraft wiki for more detail on potion brewing.

What is going to be in the new PC Minecraft update?

Nothing has been confirmed about the next 1.11 update to Minecraft. It will be revealed at Minecon in September.

Is their going to be a new update on minecraft of Easter?

There is no planned update for Easter. If an update is sent out it will likely just be a patch.

When is the new minecraft update going to come out?

Should be soon.