Will they ever cancel sonic

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Are you crazy, Sonic is the greatest thing that ever came to video game history.

The world would probably end if Sonic was cancelled

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Q: Will they ever cancel sonic
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Why did they cancel sonic battle cards?

It was mostly a one time thing in Sonic Battle.

Why is sonic underground unfinished?

Maybe they cancel the series

Can you cancel Sonic's unleash in Sonic Unleashed?

He's regular during the day and unleashed during the night because of Eggman.

Will sonic ever kiss Amy?

Sonic says no.

Has Sonic ever kissed Amy in the Sonic games?


Is sonic generations the last ever sonic game?


Dose sonic ever turn super sonic in the old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon?


Who was the first woman Sonic ever met?

The first woman I think that Sonic ever met was Merna or Breezie

Will sonic heroes 2 ever coming out?

No, Sonic Team failed

Will sonic any ever kiss?

sonic any hates your guts

Did Sonic and Amy Rose ever kiss in Sonic X?

No, they didn't.

Does classic metal sonic ever meet modern metal sonic?

in the old sonic movie, yeah!