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no, the present classifications are g,pg,m,ma and some games which are too violent are banned.

but there might be a chance that we can stop the ban

if this is not enough information for you check out these websites

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Q: Will there eventually be an R 18 rating for video games in Australia?
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When will Australia bring in the R rating for video games?


Does Australia have video games?

Australia indeed has video games.

Can children buy M-rated video games in Australia?

Yes, though there is a difference between M-rated games in North America and those in Australia. An M rating in Australia is a recommendation, and corresponds more to a T rating from the ESRB in America. Any video game that would be too inappropriate to sell to anyone under 15 is not sold in Australia at all.

How old is the movie rating m?

The M rating is reserved for video games, and is not used in movies.

What means T on video games?

T=Teen rating.

What is the most violent rating for video games?

M? or AO?

What organization responsible for rating video games?


Is there a higher rating than rated M for video games?

Yes, there is the AO (Adults Only) rating.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Games - 1970?

The Games - 1970 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U (original rating) UK:PG (video rating) USA:G

How do I determine what video games are appropriate for young children?

The Video games have a rating that's on the box, you should look for an E, that means for everyone.

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What does rating pending on video games mean?

your mom will probably think it is a bad game.