Will sonic get married to Sally?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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(NO!!! No in his life-time!!!!! first answer) 2 one- Ok. the person who did that is stupid. but yes. Sonic becomes marry with Sally. Also having two kids. DO NOT TRUST THAT 1st PERSON. I HAVE THE COMIC. but yes they do.

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Q: Will sonic get married to Sally?
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In what seson did sonic meet sally acorn?


What happens to Amy rose when sonic and sally get married?

she might cry (PS i hate sally acorn LET AMY MARRIED SONIC)

Will Sonic kiss Amy or Sally?

In the comic "Sonic Universe" Sonic the Hedgehog and Sally Acorn get married. They have kids, Manik and Sonia.

Did sonic and Sally ever get married?

yeah read the sonic the hedgehog comics

Does sonic love mina?

Yes she does like sonic but sonic is in love with sally acorn. She and Amy should move on because sally and sonic has gotten married and has chidren

Will Amy and Sonic get married?

yes he does after sally is corrupted by mephiles

Why did sonic marry Sally?

It seemed that SEGA and Archie decided that those 2 should be together. So later in the stories Sonic and Sally got married

Will Sonic get married?

Yes, in the Sonic Comics it mentions that Sonic will marry Sally acorn and have 2 children 30 years from now.

Did sonic ever get married?

In the Archie comics, Sonic married Sally Acorn (princess of Mobius) and became the king but to a turn of events Sonic had to leave to fix a tear in time and when he got back the timeline or the present had been altered. And Shadow had taken the thrown and married Sally. Then Sonic made a plan to overthrow Shadow. Sonic, Tails (Miles Prower), and Lara-su (Knuckles' daughter) fought shadow and reunited Sonic and Sally returning things to the way they were

Whaddya will happen to Amy if Sonic and Sally got married?

She'd flip out.

Will Sally divorce sonic?

Determining the information on the Disney Magazine 2005, Probably yes. It really just depends on Sega's next move. There was a cameo of Sonic in the Simpsons. He was in a sign saying 'Sonic the Hedgehog says: Wait until marriage' and there was a picture of Sonic proposing to Amy. That could mean something. Sally isn't even an official Sonic Team character and has never appeared in the games so there really is no one else who wants Sonic.

Why did Shadow marry Sally in Sonic Universe?

Shadow married Sally in order to become ruler, for he had conquered the kingdom, so he had the freedom to do so.