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she might cry (PS i hate sally acorn LET AMY MARRIED SONIC)

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Q: What happens to Amy rose when sonic and sally get married?
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In what seson did sonic meet sally acorn?


Who is sonic in love with?

Amy Rose. She is a pink hedgehog madly in love with Sonic. amy rose and sally aicorn likes sonic.

Who is Sonic's lover?

Amy Rose is Sonic's Lover, but in Sonic the Hedgehog, it is Sally Acorn

Who does sonic love more Amy rose or sally te acorn?

Of course sally and they have first love in each other

Is sonic the hedgehog single?

Though he has had a few girlfriends (Amy Rose, Princess Sally, etc) he never actually got married. Yes, he is single.

Is sonic in love amy?

Yes a little bit but he loves more to sally than amy rose

Does Amy rose know that sonic loves sally?

i guess yes because in the comic she looked like she new but in sonic x she does not know that sonic loves sally so its kinda a yes and no

Are Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose married?


Why did Sonic give Amy the rose in Sonic X?

It's believed in that series that Sonic and Amy are a couple. Amy's last name is Rose, which is why Sonic gave her the flower. However, in other series, Sonic and Sally are indeed a couple.

Who sonics girlfriend?

Sonic the Hedgehog is in a realationship with amy rose

Who does Amy rose kiss in Sonic the Hedgehog comics?

Nobody but i wish sonic kiss Amy and not sally sally is a old charter from a long time ago so i think that sonic and amy are a great couple

Does Sonic the Hedgehog love Amy Rose or Sally?

Amy loves sonic,sonic does love her back,he just never admits it,but sonic loves sally more