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Well Roblox Cannot Be Banned. Bacause He Is The Person Who Banns Robloxians. And Admins Have The Authority To Ban But They Cannot ban Roblox.

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Q: Will robloxcom be shut down if the account Roblox is banned?
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How do you build a game on robloxcom?

roblox studio that is if you down load the game first.

How do you create a games on robloxcom?

roblox studio that is if you down load the game first.

How do you connect your Roblox account to Facebook?

First, go to the Roblox homepage and scroll down until you see the button 'Connect to Facebook' at the left.Click on it and proceed to sign in to Facebook if you haven't already.Once you have done so, your Roblox account will now be connected to your Facebook account.If, at any point you want to disconnect your Facebook account, go to 'Account' which can be found on the top black bar on Roblox's homepage and scroll down until you see 'Account Connect'.To its right you will see a button which says 'Disconnect'.Click on it and your Facebook account will no longer be associated with your Roblox account.

Anyone wanna find out for me, what is Kaitlyn7738 password of roblox (this account was stolen from me)?

if your account got haked i can track down your pwd and the person who took it if not then use my extrs account tell me with one you wnat

How do you blurb on roblox?

Go To My Roblox: Account (On The Top Row Below My Roblox): And Go Down To Personal blurb, Type Whatever You Want (As Long As It's Not Offending Anyone :D)

How do you write a blurb on roblox?

roblox> account> go all the way down> write in the box, to see your blurb, go to your profile, then view public profile

How do you get new baseplate on robloxcom?

BTW, It's not Robloxcom. Anyways, the answer. On your Place in your Profile ( you click 'Configure this Place' (Note: Make sure you backupped you old place on your Computer or whatever you're using.), Scroll down and click 'Reset Place' Then choose the black baseplate and click Reset Place again. There ya go! P.S. Add me on Roblox pls. I'm 111connor111

Is roblox shutting down on the 31st of march?

No, Roblox is not shutting down, and there are no other information to prove that it is. Thanks.

How does a parent change their child's roblox chat?

Log in with your "Parent Account" then go to manage your child's account, then the very top box down at the bottom of the box you put an X in one of the things.

Answerscom WikiAnswers categories entertainment and arts games and toys video games computer games How do you edit your profile in Roblox?

To edit your profile on Roblox first go to "My Roblox". Secondly, click the "Account" button in the My Roblox window. Scroll down and type what you want in the "Personal blurb" text box, when finished click the update button.

Why cant you play roblox?

It is either your Internet is down or you haven't downloaded roblox yet.

Is Roblox a down loaded game?

Yes, yes it is...