How do you blurb on roblox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Go To My Roblox: Account (On The Top Row Below My Roblox): And Go Down To Personal blurb, Type Whatever You Want (As Long As It's Not Offending Anyone :D)

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Q: How do you blurb on roblox?
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How do you type a blurb on Roblox?

Great question, i can answer that first you log on to roblox then you go to my roblox third you click account 4 you will see a thong that says edit blurb! you type on that! you are ready to go!

Do you have to be a member to get a blurb on roblox?


How do you changer your character in roblox with codes?

My ROBLOX > Account > "Update your personal blurb"

How do you write a blurb on roblox?

roblox> account> go all the way down> write in the box, to see your blurb, go to your profile, then view public profile

How do you blurb in roblox?

Sign in, click account, write in personal blurb, save it and you've written a blurb! View public profile in order to see it.

Will Ur blurb Show Up On your Profille on roblox?

Yes it will.

Do you need to have builders club membership to write your personal blurb on roblox?


Where is the description on a Roblox game?

Depend how your viewing it

Answerscom WikiAnswers categories entertainment and arts games and toys video games computer games How do you edit your profile in Roblox?

To edit your profile on Roblox first go to "My Roblox". Secondly, click the "Account" button in the My Roblox window. Scroll down and type what you want in the "Personal blurb" text box, when finished click the update button.

Where is the send message button in roblox?

You go to the persons profile that you want to send a message to then under there blurb it says send message if it says messaging disabled they do not have the age requirements.

How do you write a bio on roblox?

Up above on the top black bar press account. then you type in the blurb box. then you press Update, at the bottom of the account page.

How did the blurb get its name?

A blurb is the summary of a book on the back of the book.