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No, there is no plan for PlayStation to stop making PS3 games. The company recently released the PS4 console. PS3 games do not work in the PS4.

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Q: Will playstation stop making the ps3 games?
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Will Madden NFL 2009 be on PlayStation 2?

Yes it will they will stop making ps2 games in 2009 or 2010 If you have a ps2 you should upgrade to ps3 for xbox360.

Can you download PS3 games onto your PS3 console?

If your PS3 is connected to the PSN or Playstation Network you can purchase games at the Playstation Store.

Who thinks or knows if EA games is making Sims 3 For PlayStation 2?

no it will not be out for PS2 and is for PS3

When are they going to stop making Ps3 games?

Not until a couple of years after a new model of the PlayStation has been released and they will continue to make and sell the games already released until they are no longer profitable to market.

Do PlayStation 1 games work on PS3 slim?

unfortunately not! Sony stopped making playstations that supported previous systems' games with the 20 and 60gb playstation 3s.

Can a ps3 play CD ROM games?

A PS3 can play PS3 games and some Playstation games

Do PlayStation 3 games play on the internet?

PS3 games play only on the Playstation Network when the PS3 is connected to the internet

Can PlayStation 3 games go in a regular PlayStation?

No, they cannot. But you can play PlayStation 1 games on a PS2, and PS2 games on a PS3 (but on later models, the PS3 cannot play them).

How do you stop sharing games on the same ps3 But on different psn accounts?

The games are downloaded into the harddrive and available for use by all users of the PS3 and are not just for when you are signed into the Playstation Network

Can PS3 play regular PlayStation games?

yes All PS3 can play Select PlayStation 1 games including the new PS3 slim models

Does facebook games work on PS3?

No PS3 games work on PS3 and Only some other PlayStation games

Is there a program on the PC to download PlayStation 3 games?

PS3 games must be downloaded from the Playstation Store to work as a download on the PS3.