Will carmelita be a giantess

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. In Sly 3 Carmelita turns big by the mask and Bentley's sleepdarts

Level:Rumble Down Under

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Q: Will carmelita be a giantess
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What color are Carmelita Fox's eyes?

In Cuba, as Carmelita is known the dark coffe color. It was motivated by the color of the dresses used by the monks and nurses of Carmelita's order who arrived to Cuba around the XVIII century from Europe. Gilberto M. Amador from Artemisa, La Habana Cuba

Are Sly and Carmelita Fox married at the end of Sly 3?

maby because at the end of sly 3 sly only pretends to have amisia so he could be with carmelita, you can tell this is true because if you see the credits at the end when sly and carmelita are on the balcony sly turns and winks at Bently. if he actually had amisia he woulden't have reconized bently so he wouldent have winked, you see where I'm going with this???............ Yore right but I think they they will be married then Sly like just disapears and turn back to bentley and Murray(this is just what i think) no sly and carmelita do not get married at the end.

Do sly and carmelita kiss?

the only time i have seen them is during a cut scene in the first game

How does sly loose his memory in Sly 3?

In Sly 3, he doesn't really lose his memory, he fakes it and gets married to Carmelita, that's why he winked at the end of the game. Luckily, their making a new Sly but unfortunately, its not going to be about sly, my guess is that its going to be Sly's and Carmelita's children.

How old is Carmeilta fox in sly Cooper?

Carmelita Fox is around the same age as the members of the Cooper gang, and a specific age is never stated but as of Sly 3 they are in about their early twenties.