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maby because at the end of sly 3 sly only pretends to have amisia so he could be with carmelita, you can tell this is true because if you see the credits at the end when sly and carmelita are on the balcony sly turns and winks at Bently. if he actually had amisia he woulden't have reconized bently so he wouldent have winked,

you see where I'm going with this???............

Yore right but I think they they will be married then Sly like just disapears and turn back to bentley and Murray(this is just what i think)

no sly and carmelita do not get married at the end.

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Q: Are Sly and Carmelita Fox married at the end of Sly 3?
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In sly 4 will sly be a cop as well as carmelita?

NO!!!!!! At the end of sly 3 they get MARRIED!!!

Will sly marry Carmelita?

Sly and Carmelita never married in the first place!

How does sly loose his memory in Sly 3?

In Sly 3, he doesn't really lose his memory, he fakes it and gets married to Carmelita, that's why he winked at the end of the game. Luckily, their making a new Sly but unfortunately, its not going to be about sly, my guess is that its going to be Sly's and Carmelita's children.

Does sly and Carmelita ever kiss?

Yes in the end of Sly Cooper and the thievious Raccoonus.

Does carmelita hate sly?

no sly 3 spoiler below at the end of 3 they become a couple!

In sly cooper games does inspector fox know sly likes her?

yes because in sly 1 he kissed her In Sly 1 Cooper kissed Carmelita to get away even though he likes her. I think that at the end of Sly 2 she found out, after they had the helicopter ride back to interpool.

What happened at the end of 3%?

ok so the ending is similar to what happened on sly 2 at the ending but instead of being on a train, they are on a helicopter; but this time, sly and carmelita are having a good time drinking wine and champagne. and then Carmelita goes to sleep and wa~la, sly escapes. and believe it or not, later sly and carmelita gets together and Carmelita joins the cooper gang.

Does Carmelita get hicthed to Sly?

No way! Carmelita can`t marry Sly because he is back on the team in the San Francisco level.She will chase the Cooper Gang and Sly will NEVER get the chance to propose.Sly MIGHT propose to her at the END of the Sly 4:Cane of Destiny?

What happens at the end of Sly Cooper 3?

sly fakes amnesia and ditches his friends for a fox lady, Carmelita Fox. Murray go's back to train with the guru and he becomes a racer. A spoiler was that Bentley said he was creating a time machine to relive there greatest moments

What happens at the end of Sly 3?

Sly gets to the main room in the vault. Doc. M. cathes up with him and they fight. Sly eventually defeats him. Carmelita comes, defeats Doc. M. again, then sly saves her from a blast of lightning from Doc. M. Sly then gets blasted back from the electricity. Carmelita knockes Doc. M. out. She makes sure Sly is ok and he has amnesia. So she takes him with her. The whole vault comes crashing down on Doc. M. and he dies. A few months later Bentley finds Sly with Carmelita at a party. Sly sees Bentley and winks at him, just to let him know that he is ok and he faked the amnesia just to be with Carmelita.

When did Sly Fox - band - end?

Sly Fox - band - ended in 1988.

At the end of sly 4 does sly marry carmelita?

There is no real way to know because sly 4 is currently not out. Sucker Punch (the company that makes sly) may not even make one. Based on the end of Sly 4 i would have to say yes but again you can't know for sure.