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The NDS, DSL, and DSI all use a different amount of voltage. Each model uses the same amounts of voltage regardless of region. To protect any damage to equipment, it is impossible to fry a DS using a charger of any kind. Just make sure the socket has the same voltage as the charger's input.

In short: Yes

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Q: Will a UK dsi charger work on a US dsi?
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Can you use your UK charger with your Canadian dsi?

Wht other chargers can also work with the gameboy micro

Will a dsi ll charger work in us?

A DSi LL charger is made for a Japanese power socket, which while it may be the same shape and configuration as a socket in the US, the two countries use different voltages. It'd be safer to get a DSi XL charger from the US itself.

Will your US Nintendo DSi work in the UK?

the dsi shop wont sadly

Will a UK mobile phone charger work in the US?


Acekard 2i from UK work on a dsi from US?

Yes they do!

Can a DSi game bought in England work on an American DSi?

Regular Nintendo DS games are not region locked, a UK one will work on a US DSi.

Will US mobile charger work in UK?

You will need an adaptor

Does the US version of Pokemon Platinum work on a UK DSi console?


Will American dsi play UK games?

A US DSi can play UK games

Can I charge a US camera battery when in the UK?

The battery for US and UK is the same but the different is the battery charger You should get a UK charger for you battery.

How much is the DSi and the DSi XL?

UK: DSi - £129.99 Dsi XL - £169.99 - £189.00 US: DSi - (approx) $149.99 DSi XL - $189.99

Will Nintendo DS consoles bought in US work in UK?

Yes it's not like it will stop working because you go to a different part of the world, however if you buy it in the US you will have a two-pin 120v charger, which will not work in the UK, you will need a three-pin 240v charger.