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Wii games are region-locked, US games for it will not work on a European console.

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Q: Will Nintendo Wii games bought in US Work on European Models?
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Will Nintendo DS games bought in US Work on European Models?

Yes most Nintendo DS games from the US will work on European Nintendo DS systems. However if the game is a DSI enhanced game then it will not work.

Can you play Nintendo 3ds games bought in Ireland on a Nintendo 3ds Console bought in the US?

No, 3DS games are region locked.

Will Nintendo ds games bought in Ireland work on American bought console?

It Should!

What is Nintendo wiiware?

Nintendo WiiWare is software bought from Nintendo's Shopping Channel on the Wii and downloaded to the Wii. It includes stand-alone games as well as Virtual Console games.

Will Nintendo DS console bought in the US play in Ireland?

Yes, the Nintendo DS and DS games are not region locked.

How did you get free Nintendo DSi points?

keep on playing the games that you bought on nintendodsi and you will earn it

Are games already built into the Nintendo Wii?

No. They are bought and downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel.

Will a Nintendo ds bought in the usa play games dought in England?

Yes, Nintendo DS games are not region locked, a DS game from the UK will work in a US DS.

What are funds on Nintendo 3DS?

Funds is the money you've loaded onto your account. You can do it with a credit card, or with Nintendo Points Cards bought at games stores.

Can an European DSi play American games?

Yes, because the Nintendo DSi is not region locked

Do American Nintendo DS games work on a DS bought in China?

Yes, they will work since DS games are not region locked.

Can you download bought dsi shop games to a new dsi?

Only if you have a new one repaired from Nintendo.