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Yes and No. Your ps2 will not play American games unless you get your ps2 modded. This is because the TV system is different in both countries. The USA uses the NTSC standard and Australia uses the PAL standard. Australian standard is the better of the two. By modding your ps2 you will be able to play both standards.

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Q: Will American PS2 games work on your Australian PS2?
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Yes. All games are compatible with all systems. Except for the playstation 2. In that case American ps2 games don't work on English ps2's.

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yes they most certainly will

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It should since it is in the same company.

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if you bought games in Germany or the ps2 in Germany of course they will still work sony is the only one who makes ps2's

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the ps3 is region free for ps3 games, not for ps1 and ps2 games tho

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