Why wont webkinz party time work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because you cant pick a date...

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Q: Why wont webkinz party time work?
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Why won't the time in the party packs work in Webkinz?

It's usually because another party is planned at the same time.

You typed in your webkinz password corretly and they wont let you in what should you do?

click forget password and it sould work!

How do you start a party on Webkinz?

You buy a Party Pack from the W Shop for 1000 KinzCash. They don't work though. They freeze while loading.

Why won't my webkinz account work and i got a new password and it wo't work?

Webkinz only last 1 year from the time you activate them, so you are kind of out of luck. The ONLY thing you can do is buy a new Webkinz.

How do you party on the sims bustin out?

To party you must have a phone then there should be an option to throw party(it wont work if it is really late at night.)

How do you set a time for webkinz party pack?

i dont know i tried every thing but my friend did itI've tried too. My friend did it except mines not letting me set the time! It gets sooooooooo frustrating! I want to have a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I spend 1,000 coins on it for it to not work! Ugh!How did your friend doit?I don't know! If I knew I would have a party!

Your webkinz page wont work.what do you do?

The first thing to do is-Dont panic! First of all, try logging of and logging back on. If that doesn't work, wait 15 minutes then do it. If that doesn't work, send an e-mail to webkinz, and give them a call. Give them your username and, if they request it your password.

Why is Webkinz not working?

webkinz is not working because it just does not work andi love webkinz

What are the best cheats in Webkinz?

There are no cheats that work on Webkinz, sorry. :(

What if you work part time?

you wont have more money as full time

Why wont your webkinz party pack work?

first of all it does work,you pick out games,invatation greeting,and then phone color day and time.that's the one people are complaining about,if that's what your talking about then this is what you do:you have to pick the date a week from the day it is/last date,then the bottom half will be white.then you can pick it. cuz i have done it three times!bye-bye

What is the redeem code summer party vip on moviestarplanet?

you can olny use it once so it wont work