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click on it

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Q: How do you get your Webkinz studio to work?
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How can you get a Webkinz studio to work if they are working on it?

they are remodeling it and i think it will open up soon.

On Webkinz what is the Webkinz studio?

The Webkinz studio is a place where you can use little puppets to make to make 2-3 minute films.

Where do you put the webkinz studio?

In your Webkinz Room of cource?!

What does the webkinz studio look like?

After you purchase a Webkinz Studio, you can work on customizing your studio. The overall appearance of your studio will depend on factors such as actors/actresses purchased and added to your set as well as which set you decide to use for your studio. Sets can include vibrant colors and can include backgrounds such as landscape based backgrounds.

Is the webkinz studio a rare item now?

NO the webkinz studio is NOT rare. you can buy it at the w shop in webkinz world four 1,000 kinzcash(one thousand)

Where do you get a Webkinz studio?

You get it at the w shop on webkinz. in the toys section for 1000 kinzcash

How do you get a studio in Webkinz?

At the wshop under toys, there is a studio for 1,000 kinz cash.

Where do you place the Webkinz studio?

Anywhere in your home

Can you make your own webkinz studio character?


How do you use the Webkinz studio in Webkinz?

To gte to webkinz studio you put in your room and walk up to it. It should pop up a screen that shows it. (You might have to walk up to it quiet a few times) thnx!

Why can't you add a webkinz studio to a room Actually you look under toys and books and it will show the Webkinz Studio somewhere.?

You must go to thw W-shop and under 'TOYS' you might find some stuff for the studios... to work it you just place it in a room and click on it, your Webkinz will then walk to it and you can start making movies of your own :]

How do you get the Webkinz studio?

it is at the end of the toys in the w-shop