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"Block time" doesn't end. Your parents restrict you from going to KinzChat Plus and until they lift the block, you aren't able to go there. There is a link that explains it in more detail.

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Q: Why wont the clubhouse let you go to kinzchat plus even after my block time is up?
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Why is webkinz clubhouse plus closed on weekends?

They need to work on keeping the servers good in kinzchat and kinzchat plus. and work on other stuff.

How long is the clubhouse in webkinz going to be closed?

Now the Kinzchat is opened all the time but Kinzchat plus is only opened from 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Can you go in the kinzchat plus clubhouse even if it is not 8 or 12am?

yes just change the color zone of your kinz chat phone (click on the zones button)

Why is webkinz clubhouse plus closed?

why is kinzchat plus closedIts closed to make improvementsBecause your phone is not on light green!!!!!!!

Who goes out on Webkinz?

Note: Your question is a little confusing. Try to make it more clear!Some people in the Clubhouse, usually in KinzChat plus, can be found with relationships, or hanging around other pets. They may do heart symbols at a pet or so. This is against the KinzChat Plus rules, and you could get banned for "going out" or any of the sort in the Clubhouse.

How do you make webkinz party kinz chat plus?

To have a Kinzchat Plus Party Room, you have to have Deluxe Membership. Then you can purchase a Party Pack and when you have that party, you can make it Kinzchat or Kinzchat Plus. In order to have a Kinzchat Plus party, you have to have friends that can do Kinzchat Plus. You cannot invite a regular Kinzchat friend to a Kinzchat Plus party though.

What to do if banned from Webkinz clubhouse?

If you get banned from webkinz clubhouse, you do not get to use it until an amount of time, depends on what happends, it can be anytime, on kinzchat plus only as far as i know, i get banned a-lot, when i get banned for rude language i usually get banned 2 hours to 1 day, inappropriate behavior is about 1 week, and dangerous online activity is about 1 month, but that is for me, this only applies to kinzchat plus

In what Webkinz clubhouse is ms. birdy?

in the santa kinz room She moves from room to room. Your best chance is to go to kinzchat plus and ask members if they know where she is.

Why is the webkinz clubhouse open for some people and not others?

there are two clubhouses. one is called kinzchat plus and one is called kinzchat. you may not go into kinzcchat plus because you are free to type what ever you want. you will need your parents permission to go on kinzchat plus. you will have to give away your email in order to do this. however there is one other problem that you might be experiencing diffuculty on. when you go to the clubhouse it just turns blank and nothing appears on the screen. i am sorry but I don't know how to fix this problem.

How can i find doug the dog on webkinz?

You have to find one in he clubhouse or another place.

What is kinzchat plus?

It's just like kinzchat but you can choose what you want to say.

How long does it take for kinz chat plus to be granted?

Kinzchat Plus is not working at the moment. I tried to grant my daughter access but it only runs in a vicious circle and no Kinzchat Plus. If you have a question about Kinzchat Plus, you should call Ganz.