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If you get banned from webkinz clubhouse, you do not get to use it until an amount of time, depends on what happends, it can be anytime, on kinzchat plus only as far as i know, i get banned a-lot, when i get banned for rude language i usually get banned 2 hours to 1 day, inappropriate behavior is about 1 week, and dangerous online activity is about 1 month, but that is for me, this only applies to kinzchat plus

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Q: What to do if banned from Webkinz clubhouse?
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How do you know if I am banned from the webkinz clubhouse?

No one will know if you are banned but yourself and Ganz. If you meant How do I know if I'm banned from the Webkinz Clubhouse, then they would have told you.~Webkinz User

When will the Clubhouse be open on Webkinz?

The Clubhouse in Webkinz is website clubhouse for children. The clubhouse in Webkinz has been open for over six years and is available free of charge. A log in and password must be created in order to access the clubhouse.

Where is the leprachaun in Webkinz?

its in the webkinz clubhouse OK its not that hard!

How do you get banned from Webkinz?

You get banned by being mean to other webkinz, i only know about kinzchat plus, but i always get banned, you get banned different times depending on what you did, dangerous online activity is the worst i have been banned for, which was 30 days. Also the clubhouse is monitored at all times, first is a warning then a bann, i never learn to behave right but don't do what i do, just keep it clean

What is spooky in the clubhouse on Webkinz clubhouse?

It is a ghost that shows up when you are at the clubhouse and he give you a piece of candy for your collection. I was looking up the same thing while I was on webkinz and he just appeared.

How do you get on the clubhouse on webkinz?

you go to the map then you find the clubhouse icon and click on it and then go from there

How do you get to the clubhouse on webkinz world?

you go to the map then you find the clubhouse icon and click on it and then go from there

What is the rocket in the webkinz clubhouse?

click on it its fireworks

Where is the survey room on webkinz?

It is in the clubhouse. The clubhouse can be found under Traval Agency in the Things To Do menu.

Where to find the webkinz trick or treat ghost?

the clubhouse

Where is Alvin on Webkinz?

Alvin is in the Alvin room in the clubhouse.

How do you trade on webkinz world?

Clubhouse, trading room