Why wont Minecraft chest open?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sometimes it is lag. But in this case, it seems like you have a block on top of your chest. If you put a block on your chest, the chest wont open.

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Q: Why wont Minecraft chest open?
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How do you open the chest on an iPad in minecraft?

Click the screen while your looking at the chest - it should open the chest. To get out just tap away (out of the chest)

How do you open a chest in minecraft PC?

You right click on it.

How do you put things in a chest in Minecraft?

Open the chest and then you will be able to drag items into the chest, in which they will then be removed from your inventory.

How do you get into a minecraft lockette chest 1.3.2?

Only the person who put the Lockette sign on the chest can open it, and so can Moderators and Admins on Multiplayer Servers.

How do you put a chest on the horse in minecraft?

You cannot place a chest on a horse.You can however, place one in the inventory of a Donkey.Simply sit on the tamed donkey and press E.This will open the donkey's inventory.Place your chest in the box that has the silhouette of a chest.

How do you open a chest in minecraft with a laptop?

Simply place it down and right click on it. There, you will be able to put stuff in it and take stuff out.

What ID is a chest in Minecraft?


I have an Acer laptop and Minecraft wont work on it. I downloaded everything but it wont work. What do i do to fix it?

Re instull Minecraft

How do you build a boat with a chest on minecraft?

you cant

What number is diamond chest plate on minecraft?


What does a hopper do in Minecraft?

It holds items like a chest

Why wont Minecraft load?

I can answer this for Windows and Mac: Windows: Find your Minecraft folder (search: %appdata%\minecraft) and delete the folder named "bin". Re-open Minecraft and it will re-download the bin, fixing it. Mac: In Finder, go to your Hard drive (the silver rectangle that is named "HardDrive", users, your user name, library, Application Support, Minecraft, and delete your "bin" folder. Re-open your client and it will re-download the bin, fixing it.