Why wont Minecraft load?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I can answer this for Windows and Mac:

Windows: Find your minecraft folder (search: %appdata%\minecraft) and delete the folder named "bin". Re-open Minecraft and it will re-download the bin, fixing it.

Mac: In Finder, go to your Hard drive (the silver rectangle that is named "HardDrive", users, your user name, library, Application Support, Minecraft, and delete your "bin" folder. Re-open your client and it will re-download the bin, fixing it.

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Q: Why wont Minecraft load?
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Re instull Minecraft

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you wont believe what it is its 12345

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They don't.

Why wont my Minecraft load?

The most popular way to fix your minecraftis to delete your bin, once your bin is deleted, your minecraftwill re-download,and you can continue playing, to do this on a mac you must go to, Finder, Library, Application Support, minecraft,in minecraftyou will find a folder called bin, simply delete and load minecraftagain. To do this on windows, go to Start, Run, type %appdata%and press enter, open minecraft,and delete the bin folder, and easy peasy,open minecraftand your done!

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When I click on a game in neopets it wont load.?


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Minecraft PE does not have WiFi games at the time of writing.

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If your zinky world wont load, go to tools and click internet options. Click on temporary internet files and delete files. Your world should now load.

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it might be your visa card try email visa and/or minecraft for suport.

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This means that Minecraft has crashed. Please try and load it again.

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ya. go to run. type- %appdata% go to minecraft saves then paste! your welcome! :)