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if you've already gotten the tea from "the lady" then she won't give you more. the lady that gives tea is in the celadon mansion, make sure you have the right building.

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Q: Why won't the lady in Pokemon Red give you tea?
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Why wont mr Pokemon give you the blue orb?

you must first beat red at the top of mt. silver then go to Mr Pokemon. But only if you have heartgold.

How do you give the guards a drink in Pokemon fire red?

Get the tea from the tall building in celadon city, first floor, old lady

How do you give water to the guard in Pokemon Red?

If your playing the original red version you need to just hand the water to the guard, if your playing firered you need to get Tea from an old lady in the celadon mansion and give that to the guard.

Where do you get the red orb in Pokemon ruby?

At Mt. Pyre You'll have to defeat team A/M Grunts and an old lady will be waiting at the backand she should give you the Red/Blue orb

How do you get past roadworkers in Pokemon Red?

Go to Celadon City and enter the Celadon Mansion left to the Pokemon center. You'll see a green building, enter the building and on the first floor there will be an old lady surrounded by Pokemon. Talk to her and she will give you some tea. Go to where the guards wont let you through and they will take some tea and let you go. Hope this helps!

Where do you get the guards a drink in Pokemon Red?

At Celedon City, go talk to the old lady in Celedon Mansion. She'll give you some hot tea and that's what you give to the guards.

Do Pokemon eggs die in the PC?

in Pokemon fire red they don't. they just wont hatch

Where do you get the red orb in Pokemon soulsliver?

After you beat Red, go to Mr. Pokemon and he will give it to you!

Pokemon pearl what are red shards for?

You trade them for tms from a lady in pastoria

Were is the old lady in celadon city on Pokemon fire red?

There is a Celadon Mansion its next to the Pokemon center on the first floor you will find an old lady near some Pokemon talk to her to receive some tea give this to the security guard blocking saffron city he will let you pass after taking the tea.

How do you get bulbasar on Pokemon Yellow?

haha you can't unless you trade it from red or blue. Sorry but, your wrong. In Cerulean City, a LONG house is full of Pokemon. Talk to the lady. If your Pikachu is happy enough, she will give it to you.

Where to get tea to pass the guards in Pokemon fire red version?

In Celadon City you need to go into the Celadon Mansion (Front Door) and talk to the little old lady babysitting the Pokemon. She will give you the tea.