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Tom didn't fall because the game which they were playing was totally imaginary because in reality they have no swords.

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Q: Why won't Tom fall when he and Joe are sword-fighting?
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Huck taught Tom and Joe how to smoke corncob pipes.

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Tom's nights were scary because he was afraid of Injun Joe because Tom told on Injun Joe and he was afraid that Tom was going to die if he slept and Injun Joe caught him.

What's Joe's name from 'Tom Sawyer Pirate'?

In "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," Joe Harper is one of Tom's closest friends who joins him in being pirates.

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Tom discovers Injun Joe in the cave, hiding out after committing a crime. He overhears Injun Joe confess to his crimes, and Tom is able to use this information to help clear Muff Potter's name.

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