Why won't Sims 3 work on my laptop?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hi, I had this problem to, but i just got my sisters fiance to look and he said that it was reading mine as a CD and so if you go to control panel on start and on the side click on classic view, then click on autoplay, if you scroll down to the bottom and click reset all defaults then take this disc out and insert it again it should work, although you may need to do it a few times..Hope this helps!!

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Q: Why won't Sims 3 work on my laptop?
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How can you launch the sims 3 without the disc?

No itried to do that i stalled on my laptop and it wont work without the disc

Will the Sims 3 Pets work on your laptop?

As long as you make sure that your laptop meets the requirements for running The Sims 3 Pets, it will work on your laptop but might lag a bit depending on how good your laptop is.

If i have a Windows vista home premium laptop with Intel premium dual-core processor t2330 1.60 ghz 120gb can you play sims 3 on it?

yes. i have that laptop and i have sims 3. but you need 6 gb of free space, of it wont work, that was my problem at first.

Improved answer on is the sims 3 laptop friendly?

well sims 2 isn't laptop friendly it doesnt work on my laptop!!! it goes all blurry! does it on yours? who Eva answered the question on 'is the sims 3 laptop friendly' without improved answer at beginning is wrong!!!!!!!

I have got the sims 3 and I was just wondering if it would work on my laptop My laptop is a Dell latitude d520 do you think it will work?

I have the same computer it will work but the cheat code frame wont come up and I dont know what the buttons are im still searching

School computer or gaming laptop needed for sims and school work?

The Sims 1 will work on any laptop or computer, it requires a low computer spec. However, Sims 2 and 3 will require a better performance computer such as a gaming laptop.

Does sims 3 work on loptop?

Yep, I always play mine on my laptop.

Do you need the disk of the sims 3 to play it?

yes you do or it wont work :)

Can my laptop support Sims 3?

yESS! I'm using my laptop right now for the sims 3!! What kind of laptop do you have?

Will the sims 3 work on my Intel Pentium dual-core 2.16GHz Laptop?

yes it will i have it!

Can you play the sims 3 on a laptop could I play the sims 3 with the sims university life and late night Would my laptop let me play ALL of those?

You can play Sims 3 on a laptop. Whether or not your laptop would allow you to play Sims 3 with the Sims University Life and late Night would depend on the graphics card and the amount of RAM in your laptop. Each game should indicate the laptop requirements needed to install and run the games.

Will sims 3 work on a e machines laptop?

yes you should have no problem running it i have a sony vaio laptop and it runs just fine.