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hit new game

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Q: Why won't Pokemon emerald start a new game?
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If you use a gameshark code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon emerald how damage will be infliticted on the Pokemon emerald game will it be enough to freeze the game completely?

NO!it wont,because it cant. but it will if you turn it of and on.

Your Pokemon wont eat pokeblocks emerald?

It doesn't like the kind you are trying to feed it, or it is full, or your game had a glitch, or your lying about this.

How much money is a used Pokemon emerald game at game stop?

they wont take it it is out of date they ripped me off i got two dollars for gutar hero!

Will you keep your Pokemon if start a new game?

No you wont so if you catch good pokemon like ninetales dont press new game

What is the code to have 99 mater ball in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get a game shark for your game and insert the game pack inot the shark them select unlimited master balls and you will get them but it wont be unlimited anyway

How do you get berries to grow if they wont grow on Pokemon emerald?

You have to wait for it to grow.

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon emerald on computer?

You need a decent emulator. VBA wont work.

How Can You get an Eevee in Emerald?

nope.YOU cant! i wont tell u!i found it IN my emerald game and it was shiny too!cool,huh?

When i activate cheats on Pokemon diamond on my DSTT the whole game wont start up or crashes.. how can i fix this.?

F87UCK 00F :d

Where can you get Pokemon groundon in sapphire?

You can not! you wont to trade with ruby or emerald. or if you are playng in vba emulator you can use cheat.

How do you get to Birth Island on Pokemon Emerald if you gotover 200 Pokemon?

by attending an Nintendo event or using a gameshark. also the code in the game shark must be the code that activates the event and not just give you the event item or else it wont work

What level does marill evolve at in Pokemon emerald?

its at around 30 and i really don't mean to offend you but if that Pokemon is on your team i don't recommend it and it wont do as well as other Pokemon ......