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Same as Jessica Rabbit-- she's just drawn that way.

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Q: Why was Rouge the Bat made to look so hot?
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Is rouge the bat hot?

i would guess 50-50

How would Amy Rose and Rouge The Bat look in the see through fembot nightgowns from Austin Powers?

Use your imagination. Infact, Amy Rose would look pretty hot in those night gowns. Rouge, on the other hand, would look outstandingly sexy. 8D

What colour have rouge the bat on her eyes?

Light blue in most games but in Sonic Heroes she has hot pink eye shadow.

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Which is the best Sonic the Hedgehog character in the series?

rouge the bat and shadow the hedgehog rouge becase she is hot and has a nice way of fighting shadow becase he is a good fighter. Donot listen to that please,just because Rouge is pretty does not mean she is the best.I say that blaze and Silver is because Blaze controls fire and Silver is phycic but I agree about Shadow.He tries to be Sonic because they are huge rivals but close friends.But in the end it`s what YOU belive in.

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